SV RAN II & The Recycling Vikings

The Crew

Malin, Johan and Vera are a Swedish family who yearned to have more freedom in their lives and explore the world. So, they sold everything, saved money, and untied the lines in the middle of the Swedish winter. They have been liveaboards for almost seven years and full-time cruisers for close to six years.

Malin and Johan sailed halfway around the world in three and a half years, then sold their boat and welcomed their daughter Vera into this world. They bought a bigger boat, which they got the keys to the same week Vera was born.

The Sailboat

Name – RAN II

Model – Najad 440 CC

Hull / Rigg: Monohull / Cutter

Home Port – Malmö (Sweden)

Length / Beam – 13,25 m / 3,99 m

Built – 1988

Material – Fiberglass

Motivation to join the recycling fleet

We want to raise awareness on plastic pollution and inspire people to recycle and upcycle by joining the IN MOCEAN fleet.

Group 5

Currently cruising in the general area of


"Our Recycling Superpower? We come from the cold and we have sailed for thousands of years. There´s nothing we cannot do. Now we´ll raid the beaches for precious plastic!"

The Fleet Members