SV UMA & Prof. Enzyme and Capt. Sunder

The Crew

Kika (Haiti) and Dan (Canada) decided one day, to not buy a couch but instead got rid of everything they didn`t need and moved onto a small sailboat that was on its way to the junkyard.

They spent the first two years fixing her up, replacing the Diesel engine with an all electrical system. After that followed seven years sailing the world and upgrading their electrical sailboat along the way.

Today, Kika and Dan continue to explore the wonders of this planet, learning new cutures and sharing their journey one step at a time.

The Sailboat

Name – UMA

Model – Pearson

Hull / Rigg: Monohull / Sloop

Home Port – Nanaimo (Canada)

Length / Beam – 11 m / 3,65 m

Built – 1972

Material – Fiberglass

Motivation to join the recycling fleet

“In the last six years of coastal cruising around the world, we were often shocked by the amount of single use plastic on the beaches and floating in the ocean. We’ve collaborated with several other organization, to help clean beaches and raise awareness. We now have the opportunity to be even more involved, and to participate in a project that helps make the world a better and cleaner place.”

Group 5

Currently cruising in the general area of


"Our Recycling Superpower? Prof Enzyme discovered the magic formula to finally defeat the evil BPA. This invention turned his lab partner Capt. Sunder into plastic`s worst nightmare. Infused by the magic formula, she can melt plastic with a single glance and sprays Ideonella sakaiensis (a plastic eating bacteria) out of her fingernails."

The Fleet Members