We are IN MOCEAN for plastic-free oceans and coastlines.


Hand in hand with local communities in remote coastal areas we want to create systems for domestic plastic waste management and reducing plastic pollution in adjacent oceans and shorelines. We will provide small-scale recycling machines and the necessary know-how to turn plastic waste into something useful.

In the long term, we want to support the local communities in creating circular economies in seaside areas with basic infrastructure that turn plastic waste into a precious resource and create new employment opportunities.

Our work starts where big solutions cannot reach.

In Mocean For Clean Oceans

You can get updates about our recycling activities on our Blog or on Social Media @inmoceanorg.

For a long time, the beaches of the Las Perlas archipelago were closed due to Covid-19. Since a while now, it is possible to visit the islands again and we finally get the chance to engage with the local communities. We were super excited when we […]
When it comes to recycling ocean plastic, there are many different ways to tackle the job. One way of doing it, is with our Precious Plastic small scale recycling machines. They are a great way to shred and melt collected ocean plastic made from HDPE (high-density […]
A while ago, I had promised to tell you the exciting story of how we built our Precious Plastic Extruder. So far, I only delivered the first half of it. Looking at the second plastic recycling machine that we built standing here in front of us, […]
Lifting the secret about the mysterious hopper   “Hey, what about the hopper for our plastic shredder? We still need to think about a solution for that”, Maria reminded me the other day. No, the hopper is not a particular species within the rabbit family. Nor […]
The heart of the Precious Plastic Community beats in the Netherlands There is a wonderful bunch of people in the Netherlands, who form the heart of the Precious Plastic Community. They are the initial seed of the Precious Plastic movement and have enabled thousands of communities […]
This is the beginning of a long story and I promise not to keep it short. It’s a story that takes place in five different countries on three different continents. It all started in Guna Yala (geographically part of Panama), where Maria and I (Nike) decided […]
“Nike, what are those things out here in the corridor?” my mom is calling from outside. She found my little home plastic recycling set up that I gathered to start testing some simple PE and PP recycling methods. I tell her the great news and add […]
On social media, everybody has an opinion. It’s a good thing. But when you share what matters to you on different platforms, you have to get used to the fact that you will not only get positive reactions on what you throw out there. Some of […]
Slowly waking up in paradise Joana is rocking gently on her anchor chain. The sun is already up for a couple of hours and I can smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee from the galley. Soon it will be hot in the aft cabin, so […]

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