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Let’s catch the wave to a cleaner tomorrow

Do you have salt water running through your veins like we do? Do you believe that our oceans are the cradle of life, full of energy and inspiration? Do you want to help save them from the threatening pollution that we humans brought upon them?

With your support, we can remove plastic waste from beaches and shorelines of remote coastal areas in developing countries. By joining together, we can bring it back into the loop and move towards a circular economy. we can maximizes the value chain of our precious resources and materials and strive to eliminate the existence of waste material completely.

One community workspace has already been formed in Costa Rica. The team is removing plastic trash from the beaches and using small-scale recycling machines to turn it into new products. We want to empower more communities to get IN MOCEAN for clean oceans and we need your help.

There are various ways you can get involved and support our mission:

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Plastic pollution is a global problem that demands our collective effort to affect change. We hope that we can inspire you to get involved in this critical cause.


Everyone has the opportunity to make this world a cleaner place. In my case, I donated some of the work that I did on the IN MOCEAN website, because I believe that it spreads a very important message that more people should hear.
We support IN MOCEAN to show that we there are many beautiful things that we can enjoy with a clean concious. From earrings made of recycled ocean plastic to locally produced, handmade wedding rings from upcycled gold.