Recycling Workspaces

By creating community recycling workspaces in remote coastal areas, we transform collected ocean plastic and domestic plastic waste into new products. Selling these products provides an income for local collectors and recyclers, and simultaneously helps clean our oceans and shorelines.

Our Services

IN MOCEAN’s goal is to empower people to set up a community recycling workspace that is economically self-sustainable. These workspaces have the potential to encourage a sustainable development beyond the recycling business itself. When profits are made, they can be used to establish a general trash management infrastructure to help to deal with other waste materials that are not recyclable plastic.

We offer a set of services that support remote coastal communities in the process of setting up recycling workspaces.

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Concept Development with Partner Organisations

In partnership with organization, we develop tailored solutions to tackle the global plastic pollution problem on a local level. We help identify stakeholders and crucial success factors, to write an action plan and calculate expected cash flow.

Funding Plans for Machines & Tools

Through our global network of supporters, we provide personalized funding plans that ensure sustainable infrastructure development in remote coastal areas. We help fund the recycling machines and the necessary materials and tools to set up recycling workspaces.

Setting up Recycling Workspaces

The IN MOCEAN team has years of experience in building and maintaining off-grid power systems and we frequently work in remote areas with limited resources. This gives us a unique advantage when working with remote coastal communities as we understand their requirements and limitations. We are the perfect partners to help establish the necessary infrastructure for a recycling workspace in a remote coastal area.

Workshops & Trainings for Communities

We provide various of workshops to help bring plastic waste back into the loop. From proper identifying, sorting and washing of recovered plastic waste, and manually upcycling of plastic with basic tools, to maintaining the recycling machines and how to set up a distribution network to sell the recycled products. IN MOCEAN aims to support the community in all aspects of the project.