SV KARL & Reclunity

The Crew

Since her childhood, the ocean had been a source of energy and inspiration for Nike (Germany). She had always dreamt of living and working around this vast fascinating blue.

In 2013, she finally took the plunge and decided to buy an old neglected sailboat in Panama that catapulted her into a wild rollercoaster ride of great adventures, many painful mishaps but above all deep joy. It turned out to be less of a sailing passage but a voyage to her inner self that brought her to where she is today: living a life closely connected to the ocean and striving to give back something to her beloved sea that she calls her home.

The Sailboat

Name – KARL

Model – Reinke Super 10

Hull / Rigg: Monohull / Cutter

Home Port – Hamburg (Germany)

Length / Beam – 11,2 m / 3,55 m

Built – 1992

Material – Aluminium

Motivation to join the recycling fleet

“I am part of the IN MOCEAN fleet because I strongly believe that plastic recycling has great potential to create new income streams for communities in structurally weak areas and to simultaneously rid our oceans from plastic. As a sailor, I have access to many remote coastal areas on this planet where plastic pollution is a big threat to humans and animals. Being part of the IN MOCEAN fleet gives me the opportiunity to help the communities living there to improve their environmental situation.” 

Group 5

Currently cruising in the general area of


"My Recycling Superpower? Connecting ocean advocats around the globe by shooting plastic strings right from my heart, creating a unity that releases such synergetic energy that it has the collective power to transforms plastic trash into precious new objects."

The Fleet Members