Rescuing a hawksbill turtle tangled up in plastic rope

When buddy boating with our friends from Vet Tails Sailing Chuffed, we noticed a turtle on the beach that was tangled up in a bunch of plastic ropes.

Check out this video on how we cut this hawksbill turtle lose from some nasty plastic ropes on the beach on Isla Espiritu Santo in the Las Perlas Islands (Panamá). Our awesome friend Sheddy from Vet Tails Sailing Chuffed did an emergency operation on this poor little fella on her floating vet clinic, her sailboat Chuffed.





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  1. Hi!
    I Discovered your project & website through Delos tribe,Love what your are doing ,I am a live aboard too and would be very interest to find out if there was some sailing application to recycling plastic .
    Fair wind
    SV DarNico
    In the Med 🇫🇷

    1. Ahoy Nicolas,
      thank you for your comment and for your interest about recycling plastic trash on your sailboat. We are using the mobile recycling machines from Precious Plastic Melbourne. You can find them on their website:

      Mobile Shredder:
      Mobile Extruder:

      They are compact, light weight and use very little energy so they can easily be run on a sailboat with solar power. Let me know if you would like more information on this, we are happy to get in touch and talk recycling afloat more in detail.

      Thanks for being #inmoceanforcleanoceans,

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