Recycling Fleet Sparks Hope for Change

One important step in the fight against plastic pollution is to create awareness about the possible solutions. Especially in those areas where people are heavily affected by plastic trash. That`s why we started a crowdfunding in 2021 to outfit eight sailboats with mobile plastic recycling machines. Our Recycling Fleet has now started to demonstrate the potential of small-scale plastic recycling around the globe.

The Recycling Fleet Pushes Off the Docks

We launched the IN MOCEAN Recycling Fleet with the goal of spreading awareness about the problem of plastic pollution in remote coastal areas, as well as promoting small-scale recycling workspaces as part of the global solution. In December 2021 we ran our crowdfunding campaign and raised 31,000 Euros, enabling us to outfit seven out of the eight planned sailing vessels with portable recycling machines. The machines shipped in August 2022, after months of delays due to supply chain and logistics issues. So, we are proud to announce that the IN MOCEAN Recycling Fleet project has finally pushed off the docks and is well underway.

Mobile Recycling Machines Delivered

Our Recycling Fleet Ambassadors include s/v Delos, s/v Catalpa, s/v Javelot, s/v Odd, s/v Joana, s/v Karl, and our latest participant s/v Waya Waya. All but one of the vessels now has their machines onboard and in use. Delivery of the last machines to s/v Odd has been delayed due to the location of the vessel and the high import taxes levied in that country, but we are hopeful that things will be sorted out soon.

Each of the seven Fleet member vessels carries a mobile electrical plastic shredder and a mobile hand-cranked extruder. Their mission is two-fold; to raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem and solutions to tackle it, by publishing digital content about their recycling adventures on global platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. And, to use the portable machines to hold recycling demonstrations in the remote communities that they visit, showcasing to the locals how small-scale recycling workspaces can provide a sustainable income stream while cleaning up the environment.

Changes in Fleet Lineup

Some of you may be wondering about s/v Ran and s/v Uma, vessels that were part of the original Fleet lineup. As anyone who has sailed knows, conditions onboard are ever changing, and being flexible to adapt the new situation is key. S/v Ran has taken a break to build a new boat to better suit their growing sailing plans and family. S/v Uma, currently in the Mediterranean, has found themselves busy with projects started during our production delays. We appreciate their support, wish them luck on their new adventures, and hope they can both rejoin IN MOCEAN Recycling Fleet in the future.

Video Content Created by the Recycling Fleet

Engagement Reaches Half a Million

The public response to the project has been amazing, and inspired many in to get IN MOCEAN against plastic pollution in their own community.

Videos posted on YouTube have gotten over 600,000 views. If you aren’t a subscriber, or haven’t seen the videos you can check out the Cruising Kiwi’s on s/v Javelot unboxing their machines, s/v Joana taking an extruder on it’s maiden voyage or catch an interview with the crew of s/v Delos.

There are in-depth videos about IN MOCEAN co-founder, Nike of  s/v Karl, helping to set up the recycling workspaces in Costa Rica and Isla Saboga, Panama. We have also grabbed the attention of s/v Parlay Revival who posted an interview video Nike when their boats crossed wakes in Costa Rica. We hope to collaborate more with them, and other interested crews, in the future.

Hands-on Small-Scale Plastic Recycling

Beyond onboard recycling and posting videos, crews have also started giving recycling workshops. Nike hosted four workshops this past summer during the IN MOCEAN Baltic Sea Tour.  While onboard s/v Rooster, a vessel denoted and captained by Stefan Hahn, she demonstrated the two mobile recycling machines. After a short introduction, the participants were able to transpform plastic trash into a basket themselves. You can read more about those workshops here.

Our most recent member, Project Manaia is scheduled to host a recycling workshop in the South of France in March 2023.  If you are in the area and want to attend follow Project Manaia for updates on the specific location and time.

Injection Molds Open Up Product Options

The extruder machines each fleet member carries can also be used with an injection mold, which is not part of the standard kit. We had some interest from a German mold manufacturer in 2022 who was willing to work with us to produce custom molds, which was a very exciting development and would broaden the possibilities of what the fleet members could make with their recycled plastic. However, things seem to have gone cold and we are now looking at other avenues to get the injection molds produced.

Exploring 3D Printing With Recycled Filament in 2023

There has also been lots of interest and talk amongst the community about crews 3D printing using the recycled plastics. We were excited when Project Manaia joined the fleet, as they were already exploring the viability of 3D printing onboard. This is an area that IN MOCEAN is keen to explore as it utilizes PET, which cannot be used in our current mobile shredder and extruder. However, the viability of using a 3D printer on a vessel that moves even when at anchor could be problematic. We are looking forward to learning from Project Manaia and investing this avenue of plastic recycling in 2023.

Fleet Inspires Community

The public response to the project has been amazing, and inspired many to get IN MOCEAN against plastic pollution. Some viewers are interested to buy machines to start recycling themselves or to help a community.

Sparking Hope for Change

At IN MOCEAN we understand that the plastic pollution crisis can sometimes feel overwhelming. But, we also believe that many small, positive actions will result in a big impact. That is why we are so excited when we get comments that our work has inspired and motivated people across the globe. Wether that is by donating to IN MOCEAN or by getting involved in their community.

More ahead for the Recycling Fleet in 2023

The IN MOCEAN team is proud of our fleet participants their patience and dedication, during the past 18 months while we fund-raised, overcame production problems and launched the Recycling Fleet project. And we can’t thank everyone enough who has encouraged and supported IN MOCEAN and this, and other, projects. Without everyone working together to solve the problem of plastic pollution we would not have achieved all that we have today.

In 2023 we hope to further spread our message and inspire more people to get IN MOCEAN against plastic pollution by uploading more videos and hosting more workshops. We are also hoping to find an injection mold manufacturer so that we can outfit the fleet with custom molds, making it easier to produce usable recycled plastic products. We welcome ideas and suggestions, so please reach out.





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  1. I can’t begin to tell you, how enamoured with your project I was, after watching an interview with you on Parley Revival.

    I wish there were more people, who not only take it upon themselves to clear up after thoughtless individuals, but also create solutions instead of simple disposal.

    Your project not only betters the lives of communities ill equipped to deal with plastic pollution, but our marine life alike.

    Watching the children’s faces fill with joy, after turning trash into treasure, I commend you on your actions, and cannot wait to join the cause; affect change, spread education and awareness around the globe.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Anna. It fuels our passion to tackle plastic pollution when we hear / read messages like yours.
      Best wishes, Nike

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