The program of our Baltic Sea Tour

We are sailing onboard SY Rooster from Flensburg via Kiel to Lübeck in September. At each port we will host 3  informative and interactive recycling events where you can be a part of our recycling program.

The three stops of our Baltic Sea Tour:

  • Flensburg: September 3rd and 4th 2022
  • Kiel: September 10th and 11th 2022
  • Lübeck: September 17th and 18th 2022

IN MOCEAN supports people in underdeveloped coastal areas to set up small scale plastic recycling workshops. Co-Founder Berenike Steiger is currently in Germany to bring attention to the work of IN MOCEAN.

  • Participate in our FREE Interactive and Informative Recycling Workshops. Learn how to turn trash into treasure and take home your recycled creation.
  • Attend our exciting lecture on the history and work of IN MOCEAN, presented by Co-Founder Berenike Steiger
  • Become a member of the IN MOCEAN sailing fleet for the day! Take a 2 hour sail in the Baltic Sea with Stefan and Berenike on SY Rooster and experience our Mobile Recycling Machines while under sail.

From Trash to Treasure: Giving Garbage a New Life:

Interactive Recycling Events

Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum: September 4th

Uni-Segelzentrum Kiel-Schilksee: September 11th

Media-Docks in Lübeck: September 18th

from 11:00 to 16:00 o`clock

Plastic to Product Parcour

Learn how to identify different types of plastic waste for recycling. See how we use the ‘swim test’ to distinguish between hard and soft polyethylene and polypropylene. And experience “PlasTell”, a device that can tell you whether you are correct in your classification.

After sorting plastic participants can use the mobile shredder by Precious Plastic Melbourne to break the sorted plastics into small pieces, ready to be transformed by the Injection Machine by Plastic Preneur. This machine melts the plastic and creates new products.

Visitors can turn plastic waste into colorful and fun products like carabiners, spinning tops and a series of maritime pendants that they can take home!

Bottle Cap Earrings Workshop

Learn how colorful bottle caps and plastic shreds can be made into beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Plastic bottle caps are melted with the help of a panini press and in just a few simple steps plastic waste is turned into a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace.

Creating jewelry from trash is an easy way to get started with recycling plastic. Great for kids and adults!

Prior registration for our workshops is not required.

BYO Bottle Caps!

We have material for recycling on site, but we are very happy if you bring clean bottle caps that you have collected yourself. In this way you can make sure, especially when participating in the jewelry workshop, that you can use the lids in the colors you want for your earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Challenges and Successes in Plastic Recycling:

Lecture about IN MOCEAN

Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum: September 4th

Uni-Segelzentrum Kiel-Schilksee: September 11th

Media-Docks in Lübeck: September 18th

starting at 16:30 o`clock

In her entertaining presentation Berenike explains how IN MOCEAN was founded, why life on a sailboat is the perfect preparation for working in remote coastal areas, and what motivated her and IN MOCEAN Co-Founder Maria LaPointe to declare a war on plastic waste. 

She addresses the challenges and successes they have had while trying to find a solution to the existing problem of plastic waste, despite the lack of local resources. How empowering local people is making a difference and how easy it is for everyone all get IN MOCEAN for cleaner oceans.

The lecture is free and no prior registration is required.

Become a member of the IN MOCEAN Recycling Fleet for the day and experience “Recycling Under Sail” up close!

IN MOCEAN is offering a 2 hour sailing trip on  “SY Rooster” at three ports of the Baltic Sea Tour.

Hop onboard with Skipper Stefan and IN MOCEAN Co-Founder Berenike to experience how the mobile recycling machines from Precious Plastic Melbourn work. Participants will help shred and convert plastic into new products while sailing in the Baltic Sea. Benerike will answer questions and talk about the two Recycling Workshops that IN MOCEAN has helped build in Costa Rica and Panama.

Recycling under Sails

Flensburger Förde: September 3rd 2022

Kieler Förde: September 10th 2022

Lübecker Bucht:  September 17th 2022

from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 o`clock.

"I think what IN MOCEAN is doing is really great. I've been following Nike's sailing vlog Untie The Lines for a long time and when I read her appeal on Facebook that she was looking for a sailing boat for her recycling tour here in Germany , I thought, ‘Man, I have to support that!’”

Stefan, Skipper of the SY Rooster
Places are limited and come with fee of 40€. Register now via e-mail for your chance to sail with IN MOCEAN in Flensburg, Kiel or Lübeck. The exact place of departure will be communicated after registration.

Our supporters make the Baltic Sea Tour possible!

Nothing would be possible without the great support of our event partners, Skipper Stefan of SV Rooster, and our many volunteers during the Baltic Sea Tour. We are very grateful for the positive response to our project and the commitment of many great people and institutions who support us, provide guidance and advice, and who help to draw attention to our cause.

You can also get IN MOCEAN, by making a donation to our Recycling Events and our Recycling Workshops.





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One important step in the fight against plastic pollution is to create awareness about the possible solutions. Especially in those areas where people are heavily affected by plastic trash. That`s why we started a crowdfunding in 2021 to outfit eight sailboats with mobile plastic recycling machines. Our Recycling Fleet has now started to demonstrate the potential of small-scale plastic recycling around the globe.

IN MOCEAN just completed our Baltic Sea Tour and we couldn’t be happier with how things went. Berenike Steiger, our co-founder, spent three weeks travelling Germany between Flensburg, Kiel, and Lübeck to raise awareness about the potential of plastic recycling and to talk about the work that IN MOCEAN is doing overseas in remote coastal villages. It was a ton of work to launch the workshops and activities in each port but seeing the public come out, take part, and learn was so rewarding!